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Resisting Spells
While the name of this skill may suggest that it helps with resisting all spells, this is not the case. This skill helps you lessen the severity of spells that lower your stats or ones that last for a specific duration of time. It does not prevent direct-damage spells, like Energy Bolt or Flamestrike. The spells that can be resisted are listed below:

Magery Spells:

Clumsy Mana Drain Paralyze Field Weaken
Curse Mana Vampire Poison
Feeblemind Paralyze Poison Field

Necromancer Spells:

Blood Oath Mind Rot
Corpse Skin Pain Spike

Spellweaving Spells:

Thunderstorm Essence of Wind

This skill is one that does not require active use. To improve it, all you need to do is put yourself in harm's way - as in the path of one of the above spells.

Resisting Spells Tips:

  • For spells that affect stats (Clumsy, Curse, Feeblemind, Mana Dragon, Mana Vampire, and Weaken), the Resisting Spells skill helps lessen the amount of points that are taken away from your stats. For duration spells (Paralyze, Paralyze Field, Poison, Poison Field, Blood Oath, Corpse Skin, Mind Rot, and Pain Spike), the length of the spell can be shortened. The Poison spell is now the only spell that has a chance to be fully "resisted" due to the target's "resisting spells" skill.

  • The damage done by Blood Oath can also be partially resisted. Resist Spells will reduce the damage done by (Resist Spells x 10)/20 + 10 = percentage of damage resisted.

  • The greater the difference between your Resisting Spells skill and the attacker's Magery skill, the less chance you have of warding any or all of it off. The difficulty of the spell being cast is also taken into account.

  • You will always have a slight chance of warding off a spell, even as a newbie with a couple points in this skill.

  • As a Warrior, you will greatly benefit from acquiring some skill in Resisting Spells. Many creature in the wild and in dungeons can cast stat-reducing and duration spells.
Success Chance
Your chance of successfully Resisting Spells depends on your skill level, your attacker's Magery skill, and the circle that corresponds to the spell being cast. If your Resisting Spells skill is higher than your opponent's Evaluate Intelligence skill, you will lessen the effect of the spell.
Bonus to Resist at Higher Levels
At higher levels, the Resisting Spells skill also benefits you by adding a bonus to your minimum elemental resists. This bonus is only applied after all other resist modifications from what you're wearing have been calculated. It's also not cumulative. It compares the number of your minimum resists to the calculated value of your modifications and uses the higher of the two values.

For instance, if you are a Grandmaster, your minimum resists will never go below 40 (see table below). So if you happen to be wearing armor that adds 20 to each resist, the two values will not be added together; instead, it will use the highest value, which happens to be the number that your Grandmaster status gives you: 40.

If someone who doesn't have any points in Resisting Spells wears that same armor, the value of their resists will be at 20, since they will not get the resistance bonus from having the skill.

The way the minimum resistance value is calculated is as follows:
  • Below 40 Resist, your minimum resistance is 0.
  • Between 40 and 100, your minimum resistance value is (Skill * 10) - 400) / 15.
  • Above 100 skill, your minimum resistance value is (Skill + 100) / 5.
Minimum Resist
40.0 and below
100.0 (GM)
110.0 (Elder)
120.0 (Legendary)

Here's another example. Let's say you're wearing armor/jewelry/magic items that give you the following elemental resists:

Fire: 10
Cold: 10
Poison: 50
Energy: 50

So you've got some good poison and energy resist going on, but poor cold and fire resist. Now when you add GM Resist into the equation, the values would look like this:

Fire: 40
Cold: 40
Poison: 50
Energy: 50

While your poison and energy resists were not affected, you can see that your fire and cold resists were improved due to the GM resist bonus.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Mage
Skill Used by: Automatic
Trainers: City Mage, Healer Guildmaster, Mage Guildmaster, Mage Shopkeeper, Magincia Councilmember, Mercenary, Monk, Ocllo Cashual, Paladin, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Sailor, Wandering Mage, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Dexterity

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