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Spirit Speak
The Spirit Speak skill is used to heal players by channeling spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can be channeled from either a corpse or the player using the skill. If a corpse is not available, then the player will channel his or her own energy.
Channeling through Corpses
The corpse must be within 3 tiles to be used, otherwise, the player will channel his own energy. The amount healed is a random number between the minimum and maximum values listed in the table below. Should the minimum value be greater than the maximum value, then the healing is equal to the maximum value.

Min -- Fame/500 + 1
Max -- (Spirit Speak x 10)/20
Channeling your own Energy
If there are no corpses nearby, you can channel your own spiritual energy into healing. However, this method will yield a lesser amount of healing than if you were to channel through a corpse. The amount healed is a random value between the minimum and maximum values below:

Min -- Max/2 + 1
Max -- (Spirit Speak x 10)/100 + 4

You will need at least 10 points of Mana in order to channel your own energy.

If you have 100 or more skill points in Spirit Speak, you can automatically hear anything that ghosts say. Also, if you're a ghost, you can clearly be heard by anyone else.

Additional Information
Professional Title: Medium
Trained by: Healer, Healer Guildmaster, Wandering Healer
Improve by: Using skill
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Complementary Skills: Necromancy, Healing

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