Kingdom Reborn New Player Guide 

Skill Training & New Player Quests:
The Spell-Caster

Written by MissEcho

Training and Quests for the Spell-Caster Classes

(Mage & Necromancer Templates)


Depending on your template you may do some or all of the quests in this class, it is your choice. All the skills used by both these templates should fit on the one character, at least to obtain and complete the training quests. Once a quest is completed you may elect not to raise the skill any further or raise them all.

Most 'standard' mage templates use Magery, Evaluate Intelligence, Meditation, Resisting Spells generally at 100 skill points each or above, and then include, though not limited to, one or more of the following: Inscription, Wrestling, Parrying, Weapon Skill, Poisoning or Spellweaving.

Most 'standard' necromancer templates use Necromancy, Spirit Speak, Meditation, Resisting Spells also at 100 skill points or above, with a weapon skill or similar complimentary skills as the mage.

There are a lot of options when using a spell-caster class as you may end up with a scribe mage, a tank mage, a necro-mage, a nox-mage a spellweaving mage or a combination of all manner of template choices. Some view resisting spells as more of a complimentary skill however I have included it as a 'common' as generally speaking it is used by a lot of players with spell-casting classes.

Skills with New Player 'Skill Training' & Quests Available

 Common to both Templates Magery Necromancy Complimentary/Other
Resisting Spells
Evaluate Intelligence
Spirit Speak
Focus #
Weapon Skill # 

# (see warrior class training guide for more info)

As with the all characters the initial starting gold (1000gps) is the limiting factor as to how much skill you may buy prior to training, and again, you need to remember you cannot 'buy' training if you have a current new player quest active in your quest menu.

Depending on which template you started with i.e. a Mage or a Necromancer, you will have a spellbook for the relevant skill. Mage spells and spellbooks may be purchased from the mages in the mage hall. Necromancer spells must be inscribed and are unavailable in New Haven, even with the inscription skill you need to already have the spells to be able to inscribe them. The reward is good for the Inscription Quest so it is worthwhile doing, irrespective of whether you are a mage or necromancer. I have included Focus here (although it is generally a warrior type skill) as if you have completed the Gwen tutorial and run around a little that skill would have already gained quite a few skill points and is an easy one to reach 50 points in to complete the quest and obtain the reward without spending any gold on buying skill. It can be toggled down afterwards to drain the points off but may as well be left gaining until such time as you need the points.

Buying Skill & Accepting Quests

For this guide I recommend as soon as you are ready to train go to the mage hall and buy 33 points (maximum) of inscription skill (333gps).  I suggest starting with this skill as it is stand alone and doesn't require any fighting but provides you with gold and a helpful reward for the other quests. Take the inscription quest, go upstairs to the roof and take the meditation quest, (do NOT pay for training), then head down and accept the focus quest (again, do NOT pay for training).  Head back to the mage hall and stand centrally in the building so that when you are standing you can press <ctrl><shift> and see the object handles*  of all the mages that sell mage spells, spellbook, scrolls, pens and reagents  then purchase a 4 scribe pens, (a mage spellbook and 20 of each mage reagent*  if you are a necrocromancer template) and as many blank scrolls as you can. Just leave yourself with about 200 gold. You need to check the price of each item, mage regs should cost around 3-5 gold points ea and blank scrolls 5 gps ea. Pens may be different depending on the mage so check who has the cheapest. The reason you need to stand in the middle to buy is that you will in all likelihood get overweight very quickly so if you are not central trying to move may be a problem! 

If you are a mage template you should already have a book with some spells in so check if you have the following scrolls and if not purchase  1 strength scroll, 1 wall of stone scroll and 1 recall scroll and put in your mage spellbook by dropping the scroll onto the book,  the necromancer will need to buy all three. Next double left click on the scribes pen and have a look at the inscription tool menu. Scroll down and select second circle, then click on Strength and then Make Now. If you are successful a strength scroll will appear in your backpack, if not then repeat until you are.  Now it is just a matter of checking which reagents are being used, keeping a stock of blank scrolls and pens and buying more of all as they are used up.  You need to sometimes wait for the mages to 'restock' on the items you are buying. As you get a few, sell the scrolls you are making back to the mages. This will give you more money to buy more scrolls. As you can see on the menu there is a success rate, as soon as you can make third circle wall of stone with over 50-60% success rate then try doing some of those and work your way up to inscribing the recall. This does take some time, however while you get your 50 points in inscribe you will compete the quests for Focus and Meditation at the same time. 

You should come away with about 5000 gold points for your effort and a Spellbook that will have all the spells you need to complete the full mage training. This spellbook is also quite valuable as it is an undead slayer and one you will most likely want to keep.  You may find when selling the scrolls back that you are too heavy to take the gold, so this will be automatically deposited in the bank in check form. If you do need more money you will need to go to the bank and get it. Double clicking on the check in your bank will release the gold.

Once you have completed inscription and the three quests for inscription, meditation and focus, you may turn the focus skill down in your skills menu, and then buy skill training  in magery, evaluate intelligence, wrestling, resisting spells, necromancy and spirit speak. If you already have 30 points in one of these it will cost 100gps to train to take you to 40, and 400gps to buy 40 points in those you do not have. The money you made inscribing should cover this easily. As you may also not have any armor you may wish to purchase some leather armor from the tannery in the south west. Spell-Casters should not wear metal armor unless it is marked 'Mage Armor' as it affects the rate at which your mana* regenerates. A full set should cost about 150 gold and will do until you find better. Once you have purchased what you need in training and skills then revisit the trainers and accept the quests.

Your First Fight

It is now time to raise your mage or necromancer skills.  If you are a necromancer, it is up to you if you wish to learn the mage skills and obtain the quests for the rewards. If a mage, unless you really want the necromancer skills it is not worth doing the necromancer quests as the rewards for both these skills are ones that can be obtained at any time and unless you wish to head into the main world to try and find a player who sells the necromancer scrolls you will be unable to train in the skill anyway. 

For both templates, you will need to have a couple of offensive spells and a heal spell. If you are training both sets of skill then you can use the mage heal spell and offensive spells as well as the necromancer ones. All mage spells are in the book obtained from the inscription quest.  If you didn't do that quest then you will need to purchase a mage book and spells from the mages in the mage hall.

To set your spells up for use the best way is to put your spellbooks in an open hotbar slot on the bottom hotbar, so they are one click access and set them up in one of these three ways: 

1. open first the mage book and find the protection spell, heal spell, fireball spell, lightning spell, greater heal and anything else you may wish to have a go at. The necromancer should also use any of the necromancer spells you have in your book that require a minimum skill of 40 or less. The amount of skill required is visible on the spell icon.  A description of what each spell does is also given when holding your mouse over the icon in the book  It may be handy to set up a hotbar for both offensive and defensive spells. To create two hotbars place your cursor in the bottom hotbar, right click and select 'new hotbar' do this twice and position them on your screen as you like. Drag the icon for protection, heal and any other spells you may like that are defensive/healing etc into a place on the first hotbar. Drag the offensive spell icons to the other hotbar. Now they are visible in your hotbars, right click and for those spells that are defensive such as heal, set the target to 'self'. For those that are offensive set the target to 'cursor'.  I say set to cursor as while you may target current, until such time as you are more familiar with the skill there is less chance of you casting an offensive spell on yourself.  For the necromancer you have the same set up however if you are not also training mage you will only require the one hotbar as you will heal by using 'spirit speak'. In this case open your skill menu, find spirit speak skill and drag the icon to your hotbar, right click and set the target to self. One left click on any of these icons (both defensive or offensive) will either target yourself or give you a target cursor to aim at a monster.

2. do the same as above but instead of clicking on the icons to use the spells you may set them to a hotkey of your choice. Once you have done the above, right click on the icon in the hotbar and select 'assign hotkey', it will prompt you to type the hotkey you want to use to initiate the spell so select 'F1' or 'alt h' etc for whichever keys you want to use.

3. any spell may be set up in a macro. The way to set them into a macro has already been explained in the warrior guide so read up on it there or view the macro page of the UOKR User Guide 

Before heading out check that your heal spell actually works, and that you get a target cursor on your offensive spells. If all is good, head to the sth east gate where you came in, and head down to Old Haven.  Here you will find zombies, skeletons and spellbinders in the old town. Try your first offensive spell on a zombie to see how to cast, remember to run if you get injured and remember to watch your health in your healthbar and heal when necessary.  If you are necromancer and are not using the mage spells as well standing over a corpse and using spirit speak will drain life from the corpse to yourself. You may use spirit speak any time however the heal you get will not be as effective as when standing over a corpse and it will use your own mana. Now it is just a matter of fighting what you find in the towns and watching your skills rise and completing the training to 50 points to claim your reward.


 Skill Tips

Magery, Necromancy: the only way to raise these skills is by casting spells. Even offensive/defensive spells cast on yourself will raise skill while you are low, eg casting poison then cure on yourself etc, however you don't make any loot that way so attacking creatures is always better from a profit point of view not to mention you get practice targeting and seeing what damage occurs using the same spell on different types of monsters. Don't forget that to cast spells you need the reagents so keep an eye on how many you have and purchase more if you get low.  Also when looting check the bodies and any pieces of leather or mage armor you find make sure to equip any that are better than your current armor, especially those pieces with 'Lower Reagent Cost' (LRC). The higher the LRC you have the less reagents you will need. You can build suits, which most mages do, that are 100% LRC to avoid the need to carry reagents. 

Meditation, Evaluate Intelligence:  both skills will rise with spell casting, however you may open your skill menu and go to the magic tab and drag the icons for both into a hotbar, meditation is a 'self' spell so will automatically be used when clicked, Eval intel you can set to target cursor and target any living thing on your screen to see if you can see how intelligent it is. It doesn't appear to make much difference which way you use it by spell or skill the gains seem to be similar. The higher your meditation skill is the quicker you will regenerate mana, if you get to a half your mana pool while casting it is often good to meditate to quicken the mana refresh rate.  The higher your eval intel is the more damage your spells will do.  Most mages aim for very high evaluate for this value alone, spells cast without the caster having decent evaluate will be very weak and ineffective.

Spirit Speak: this is the necromancy equivalent to the mage heal. As said, using the skill over a corpse is the best way to heal yourself. Your spirit speak will also rise in skill as you cast your necromancy spells. The higher the level of your spirit speak the more effective both your heal and necromancy spells will be.  As with the Paladin, karma plays a role in how effective your spells are so the lower your karma (i.e. the more evil) the more effective you will be.  The drawback of having bad karma is that there are some creatures in the world who take offence to you being evil and will attack you on sight eg pixies. You just need to be mindful of this if your karma is low and avoid those places where you can, at least until you can kill them when (not if) they attack you!

Resisting Spells, Wrestling: I have grouped both these of these together as the training for them in New Haven may be done concurrently and both have the same 'effect' as a skill. i.e. they both assist you in not being disrupted when spell casting, although resist spells also means you may actually resist the full effect of a spell cast on you rather than just not be disrupted while you cast. The most effective way to train both of these skills is to firstly do your other spells until you rarely if ever 'fizzle' on a heal, cast 'protection' mage spell on yourself so that your physical and magic resist skills drop and then disarm any weapon you may have equipped.  

The protection spell is used so that you do NOT get disrupted on your heal spells while doing this training. Some mages always have protection on, for their whole game, especially those not into pvp* (player v player combat). Protection will last as long as you do not recast it, so once cast you need to recast it to remove it. Often using protection/reactive armor/magic reflection spells are all used in combination to vary the resistances your armor gives you.  It is worth while casting protection and looking at your resistances in your character sheet, then casting reactive armor and/or magic reflection to see what the effects are on your resistances. All three operate on an on/off manner on recast and all change your varying resistances to the elements. Also note that protection does give you a penalty to faster casting. Put yourself in 'war' mode and tag yourself 1 zombie and 2 spellbinders, let them attack you without fighting back and heal yourself when necessary. If you are a warrior class trying to train parry and resists just equip your shield and parry will go up as well. The mage and necromancer may also grab a shield and work this skill up as well if you want to gain the reward for that quest at the same time although while the shield is equipped the wrestle skill will not gain as much.

Once you have reached the required skill points in each area  it is just a matter of returning to claim your quest reward.


Quest Descriptions & Rewards

Gain 50 points in: Quest Reward (blessed*)  Item Properties  Quest Giver
Inscription  Hallowed Spellbook Undead Slayer, 34/64 spells   Jillian the Inscription Instructor 
Meditation Philosophers Hat Mana regen 1, LRC 7%, Total 29 resists. Gustar the Meditation Instructor 
Evaluate Intelligence Ring of the Savant  Intelligence bonus 3, Faster Casting 1, Faster Cast Recovery 1 Mithneral the Evaluating Intelligence Instructor 
Resisting Spells  Bracelet of Resilience Defense Chance inc 5%, 20 resists Alefian the Resisting Spells Instructor
Magery  Ember Staff  Hit Fireball 15%, Mage Weapon* -10 skill, Spell Channeling*, Faster Casting -1, phys damage  Kaelynna the Magery Instructor
Necromancy Complete Necromancer Spellbook ** Normal Spellbook  Mulcivikh the Necromancy Instructor
Spirit Speak Bag of Necromancer Reagents** Normal Reagents Morganna the Spirit Speak Instructor
Wrestling Gloves of Safeguarding Stamina Inc 3, Hit Point regen 1, Total 27 resists Dimethro the Wrestling Instructor 

* blessed: a blessed item is one that does not require insurance* to protect from loss. Any blessed item will remain on your body if you die and will be in your backpack when you are resurrected.

** necromancer spellbook maybe purchased but scrolls to fill it are only obtained as 'loot' off monsters or scribed using inscription skill. Reagents may be purchased at any mage shop.

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* mage weapon: is a weapon that gives a minus to mage skill (i.e. -10, -29 etc) but allows a mage to use the weapon as if the user had that weapon skill. It is mainly used for training purposes to reduce mage skill thereby giving more gains due to the reduction in skill and being able to cast lower level spells.

* object handles a name bar of people, corpses and objects/items with a close button, right clicking on this bar will bring up any menu a npc may have and double left clicking will open a corpse.

* reagent: spell casting ' fuel' to cast spells with, different spells require different reagents to cast.
mage = black pearl, bloodmoss, ginseng, garlic, mandrake root, nightshade, spiders silk and sulfurous ash.
necromancer = batwing, daemon blood,  grave dust, nox crystal and  pig iron.

* spell channeling: any weapon or shield with a spell channeling modification, means that they maybe equipped while casting spells instead of them falling into your backpack upon casting. Spell channeling items with no minus (-) to casting are more valuable than those with a minus, however, this is not always a negative depending on the character using the item.