Kingdom Reborn New Player Guide

Written by MissEcho

Welcome to Ultima Online. This guide is to assist new players to find their feet and make the most of their new player experience.  Ultima Online is a very complex world, and may be very confusing for a first time player. Hopefully you have already obtained the game and signed up for an account, if not the following links will assist you with downloading the various clients. Be aware that the 'Account Name' you select on starting is NOT your characters' name.  Try to pick an Account Name and Password that is hard to crack by using Alpha-Numeric account names and passwords.  Eg: Account Name: Hunk3yd0ry  PW: 1wantabmwf0rm3 (Warning: do not use these examples! Create your own!)




Mondain's Legacy Game Client Set Up

UO Game Code Store

Ultime Online: Gold 14-Day Trial Download Links

Kingdom Reborn Expansion



This guide is written for the new Kingdom Reborn Expansion (free download), if you are starting in Mondain's Legacy (2d) see the new player help guide here at :   While all players, irrespective of which client they play interact together in the same world, the new player experience and learning curve is very different for each of the clients due to the difference in user interface.

Before starting a new character it is worth browsing the following guides as not only do they explain the basics for brand new players, they also contain some tips and hints for all, both new players and those jaded vets out there!

Note: while reading the guides anything marked with an (*) will have a definition in the combined Glossary and FAQ's for reference, this definition will also appear at the end of the page you are on if it is the first time it has appeared in the guide.


New Player Contents

1. Getting Started Log In - Selecting a Server - Creating your first character - Race, Gender, Profession - Information on how the skill system works.

2. Introduction: Gwen Tutorial - Who is Gwen? - A Tutorial Outline - What do I learn? -  Who is the Dark Knight? - What is his Challenge? - What reward/s does he offer?

3. Skill Training & New Player Quests -Training Skill - Skill Gain - How to make the most of your Training - List of Quests & Rewards 

4. Where to Now? - as a new player where do you go once you have trained, what should you do?  Contains helpful links to assist you once training has been completed.

5. Combined Glossary and FAQ's - Frequently Use Terms / Descriptions / Questions (of words marked with an asterisk* throughout the guides and other common game questions)

Other Help

Kingdom Reborn: UOKR User Guide - Various guides on using the game User Interface, description of your game screen/menus, how to make macro's, use hotbars, create UI templates etc