Kingdom Reborn New Player Guide 

Where to Now?

Written by MissEcho

Well now you have finished training skills to at least 50 points and have completed the new player skill training quests. "Now what" you ask?

Well firstly you may wish to look around New Haven at the other quests on offer, each of the trade characters offer additional mini quests with varying rewards, the tailor quest rewards you with an old ring and necklace, some give you craftsmen's satchels which are fairly pot luck as to what type of items you may receive, some good, some junk.  Explore the buildings in the town and have a look, you may wish to do these or not.  

You may continue to train in New Haven, you will get most of your skills at least up into the high 60's or more.  Resists spells you will get to grandmaster level just using the spell binders.  However, you have probably had enough of these monsters.  Perhaps if you are confident it is time for you to challenge a few tougher monsters in preparation to go back and challenge the the Dark Knight. Getting yourself some better armor to aid you in this quest may be an option. so you will need to either loot some or find a player vendor with items you can afford.  Most players are very helpful and will assist you in getting together a suit of armor probably better than what you have so maybe a trip to town is in order.

If you open your map and turn to the large map (click small square at top of the small radar map) you will see a moongate waypoint to the south east of the towns. Near the gate are some lizardmen which you may wish to have a go at on your way. Watch out for any brigands you may see, although you should be able to dispense with them reasonably easily. Once at the gate you have access to the rest of Britannia. To use a moongate you need to walk into it, this may sometimes need to be done a few times or you may need to double left click on it.  Sometimes they are a little finicky to enter. Once you enter a menu will open showing the 5 lands (facets). You are currently in New Haven, Trammel, however there are a lot of other places in Trammel. Click down each of the menu options to see the various towns or locations in each facet. Since an invasion in Britain (Trammel), a lot of shards use Luna, in Malas as the main town, so I recommend you check here first as the gate in Luna is right by the main town area. Click on Malas and the list of the two Malas towns will appear, select Luna, and you will be 'gated' there.

Now you are in Luna head up stairs to the left and hopefully you will see a few other players. The main square in the town is the bank and around the bank are various other shops staffed by npcs.  Upstairs is an ankh for those with chivalry to tithe at, and also an Inn where you may log out safely. Just opposite the moongate, where you arrived, is a stable.  Once outside the inner city walls there is an area of player housing. Most of these players are merchants and have vendors* set up where you may buy items not available off the game npc's. Double clicking on a vendor will open its backpack and you may view what is for sale. To 'buy' anything right click on the item you wish to purchase and select 'buy'. Don't be put off by prices of items on some vendors, while Luna is one of the main shopping areas there are generally cheaper vendors to be found in the outer town areas. Below is a picture of my shop on Oceania Shard, you will find vendor malls like this ringing the inner walls of Luna City on every shard. This one also contains a rune library and dye tub set for public use. You will find many player run establishments like this it is just a matter of asking where they are.


So having said that, there are a few things you should ask other players when you finally make it into town. Firstly, as any newcomer should be aware it is nice to be polite, and you will find most players will be happy to assist you. Often just stating you are 'new' and could someone assist you, will find many willing to help. Some things you should ask are:

 'is there a rune library* nearby that I can use?'  - a rune library is a player house that contains public runebooks.  Rune Libraries are great for new players as they have 'marked' locations for lots of dungeons and commonly used hunting spots.

'where may I purchase a runebook* or a marked runebook' ? - A runebook is a book that you may place marked runes in to various locations, a marked rune book is a book containing runes already marked for various places, eg: the 'towns in trammel' or 'dungeons in trammel'. 

'is there anywhere I can get some cheap armor that will do me for starting out?'

'could you mark me a rune for here (Luna) please?' - runes may be bought off the mages in the mage shop for 15gps, it is handy to buy a few so you can pass them to anyone willing to mark a spot for you. If you are a mage with the right skill level you can mark your own spots by using the mark spell.

If on your shard Luna is 'empty' of players, you may find the population gathers at West Britain Bank. If so you will need to head back to the moongate in Luna and select Trammel then Britain. The moongate at Britain is a bit out of town so you will need to run to the north onto the main road. Open your large map and zoom out using your mouse wheel.  The route from Britain moongate is  mainly north then north east as show on this map.

Often times, once you have asked a few questions, those who have stepped forward to assist you will then take you under their wing for a little bit and help you in lots of other ways. You will find that as long as you don't 'ask' for handouts, you are more likely to be offered some. Asking questions is the best way to learn in UO, all the help sites in the world do not make up for player to player mentoring. UO is such a huge world that even players who have played for years still learn new things every so often.

Where to Fight?

Once you are out of New Haven there are many places for you to fight. I recommend Despise dungeon in Trammel as a starting point. Most players will be able to direct you to the various dungeons (see map below for directions to Despise) and it is best to fight the Ettins, Earth Elementals and Lizardmen on the top two levels. The deeper you go in levels the tougher the monsters tend to get.  It is also good before heading into a dungeon to check if there are wandering healers around outside, in case you need to be resurrected.  The default waypoint for a healer on your map will be a small red dot.  Hopefully you will have found some other players to assist you and possibly fight with you. If not Despise dungeon is the most common of the dungeons to find other newer players training in. Once you can take out an earth elemental without too much trouble you are definitely ready to challenge the Dark Knight. Once you manage ok in this dungeon the Solen tunnels just north are also fairly good for new players.




All you need to do now is train, make friends, and have fun.  Ultima Online has many many things to do, from building your first house, joining or forming your own guild, participating in shard wide and player run events, collecting rares, growing plants, taming your first pet, establishing vendors, going fishing, crafting and of course fighting. A lot of monsters you may fight alone, some are better done in groups. If player v player combat is your choice, your shard forums are one place to start or ask someone you meet in game for directions to the various pvp guilds on your shard. Only time and gaining experience is the limiting factor in what you do.  The following links are provided to give you  few important pages to view. Stratics is a very large site with a lot of content, however these few links are probably worth bookmarking as 'must haves' especially while you are learning. The menus to the left and right give links to skills, professions, forums, maps and a wealth of information.. I have only scratched the surface of what is available in Ultima, now it is up to you!

GOOD LUCK in your Travels and Stay Safe!

Regards, MissEcho, Sept 2007


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