Kingdom Reborn New Player Guide 

Getting Started: Character Creation

Written by MissEcho


When you first open Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn (UOKR) from the desktop icon, you will encounter the Patch Screen*.  This screen gives information on current patches and other important information from the development team.  It is often good to read this screen instead of just clicking through it as you may miss important information regarding any known issues or problems with the game. Clicking OK will take you to the account login screen. Here it is a simple matter of putting in your account name and password (case sensitive) and you will experience your first glimpse of UO: Kingdom Reborn.

Select Server

You may play on any Shard* (i.e. server) however most players pick the shard which is closest to their geographical location to have their main characters.  A good indication of which shard to play on is selecting the shard with the lowest 'latency number' and 'packet loss (preferably 0)' in the 'Select Server' screen.  When you have selected which shard you would like to play on, left click on it so that it highlights white and click 'OK'. There are two shards, Siege Perilous and Mugen,  which are more difficult shards to play and have a 'siege' ruleset, (ie no areas safe from player killers) it may be best if you learn to play on a regular shard first before heading off onto either of these, at least until you get a hold of the basics!.  

(note: each account may only have ONE house, irrespective of shard, so while you may create many characters on all shards, you may only have the one house. If you already have a house and try to put another on another shard it will automatically condemn the house on the first shard you built on so if your not sure of which shard to play on, create a few characters across a number of shards and see which performs best for you before you get too established or start building houses!)

Character Creation

 This is where the real fun begins! Now you get to create your first character and begin your journey.  Having selected your shard the next step is to create a character. The main thing to remember when creating a character in UO is that nothing is 'fixed in stone', so don't be afraid of picking the wrong type or being stuck with what you first start with. You may start as a mage and end up as blacksmith or vice versa.  You also have a number of character slots, so are not limited to just the one character.   

To understand how the UO Skill system works,  it is important to know that each character will end up with a total of 700 skill points once they are 'completed or fully trained', how you choose to use these points is up to you.  You may have 7 different skills at 100 points, 8 skills (6 at 100pts, 1 at 60pts and 1 at 40pts) or more skills at whatever amount of points you wish to allocate. Obviously the more points allocated to a skill, the more proficient you will be in it..  At any time you may lower or raise a skill by toggling the skill arrow up or down, or lock it at a certain point. This is only gained by experience so for now it is enough to just be aware of how the points for skills are made up.   Each character also has a cap of  225 stat points (i.e. points allocated between strength, dexterity and intelligence with the maximum of 125 and a minimum of 10 points able to be placed against any one stat ). These are also adjustable by toggling.  There is a detailed listing of each skill in the menu to the left, and a look at some professions in the menu on the right which may assist you in making your selection.

Selecting Race and Gender

After you click on 'create' you will be asked to select which race/gender you wish to play.  You toggle between the races by clicking the arrow key next to human.  The choices at the moment are Human or Elf.  Each race has its own abilities as shown, however you need to have the Mondain's Legacy expansion to utilize these abilities.

Human In Summary: Humans have an increased carrying capacity above what is determined by their strength., regenerate hit points faster than normal, have a better chance at finding more resources while gathering hides, ore and lumber and have a basic ability in all skills, even untrained ones known as 'Jack of all Trades'. This is a hidden default to skills that does not count towards character skill points (however this does not let you exceed the skill cap of 100 nor add to skill points in any selected skill i.e. if you have trained up 60 swords, you will have 60 swords not 60 + 20, whereas if you have 10 swords it will act as 20 sword skill)


Elf In Summary: Elves always have the effect of a full strength Night Sight spell. Have an increased energy resistance cap. Elven players must still increase their actual resistances through normal means (i.e. through equipment and magical effects). Elves receive an increase to their chance of acquiring special resources such as colored ore and gems when mining, or special boards when lumberjacking. They are more difficult to track than humans and gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies. Elves also receive a bonus to their maximum mana.


Selecting Profession

If you are a first time player, then this is perhaps the most difficult of the creation screens.  Not in design but in choice! You have the option to select from one of seven standard templates* or to create a customized character.  I would recommend that first time players go with a standard template, as there are some skills in the customize menu that would be very poor selections to start with if you need to learn the basics and are not familiar with what is and isn't a 'useful' skill.  Once you begin you may train in additional skills to add to your template. Remember all skills may be changed later.

All standard templates have 3 stats and 4 skills pre-set for the character class selected. The information for these templates is as follows:

Profession Stats Skills
Warrior -Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out hand to hand combat.  Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes. 45 Strength
35 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
30 Swordsmanship
30 Tactics
30 Healing
30 Anatomy
Mage - The Mage is an expert magic user. Though they have both defensive and offensive magic, mages are especially well-equipped to deal out damage in combat and are most effective at a distance. 25 Strength
20 Dexterity
45 Intelligence
30 Magery
30 Evaluate Intelligence
30 Meditation
30 Wrestling
Paladin - Paladins are the holy warriors of the realm. These protectors of the virtues have a number of defensive as well as offensive abilities to them. 45 Strength
20 Dexterity
25 Intelligence
30 Chivalry
30 Swordsmanship
30 Tactics
30 Focus
Necromancer - Necromancers wield the dark force of death itself as a means to find ultimate magic power. They use the power of the other side to both attack their foes and to protect themselves. 25 Strength
20 Dexterity
45 Intelligence
30 Necromancy
30 Spirit Speak
30 Fencing
30 Meditation
Samurai - The Samurai is an elite warrior who seeks to achieve perfection through battle. They strike with great accuracy, can handle multiple opponents, and have mastered the art of parrying with weapons. 40 Strength
30 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
30 Bushido
30 Swordsmanship
30 Focus
30 Parrying
Ninja - The Ninja is an assassin who uses stealthy tactics and summons deadly magic in combat to confuse and weaken their enemy. 40 Strength
30 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
30 Ninjitsu
30 Fencing
30 Hiding
30 Stealth
Blacksmith - The Blacksmith's job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. A new blacksmith should first find a public smithy to use. 60 Strength
10 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
30 Blacksmith
30 Mining
30 Tinkering
30 Tailoring

If I had my time to 'start' again, I would create 2 characters as my first priority.  I would pick a spell-caster class (mage or  necromancer) or a warrior class (warrior, paladin, samurai or ninja), and a trade class (blacksmith). In other words a fighting character and a trade character. If I thought I may like to play a warrior class I would start by creating a mage, and vice versa. The reason for this is that in KR the new player tutorial and following new player quests, which all characters may participate in, all allow you to train in each area very quickly, and you receive a blessed 'reward' after completing each set of skill training. By picking the 'opposite' of the character class you wish to end up with you will maximise your learning experience and will also gain knowledge of the alternate class at the same time, while ending up with the class you want and a 'reward' for your effort!. By creating a trade/crafter character when you first begin you open up a huge part of the game. Crafters are slow to train, and resource intensive, so the sooner you begin the better. 

Should you wish, you may also create a 'customized' character. This is done by clicking on the 'customize' button on the profession screen at the bottom left. 


Here you may slide the stat bars to whichever mix of str, dex and intel you prefer and select any skills from the list to the left.  You may prefer to just have three skills instead of 4 however, given that you can 'buy' 30 - 40 points of most commons skills once you begin this is not really critical. It would be mainly used to alter the mix on starting stat points from those in the standard templates or to start with 50 skill (maximum) in any one or two skills. 

Once you have selected your Profession you may continue to Appearance.

Selecting Your Characters Appearance

This is one area where you need to be careful in making sure you are happy with your character.  Although dress, hair style and  hair color may be changed once created, you cannot change your skin tone or face. So make sure you look at all the selections and pick something you will be happy to look at for a while!  Bright purple skin may be good at the time you create but you may find that it will clash horribly later on when you finally get your 'uber' armor suit!. All selections are self explanatory, however only the Human Male has facial hair to select from. Scrolling on the arrow keys will rotate through the selections and clicking on the color bars will open a color palette to select your colors.


The Create Tab

Once you are happy with your race, profession and appearance it is time for the 'Create' screen.  Here you can check all you have selected and most importantly give your new character a NAME! Once you have named your character it cannot be renamed unless you spend additional funds for a name change, so remember it is likely to be with you for a while.  You must also be careful to not use inappropriate names or offensive names as this may result in your character being pulled into jail by a gamemaster so ensure you have read the terms of service if you are unclear on what is or isn't appropriate.



Well now is the time to press 'next' and begin your Ultima Online Journey!  You will find yourself transported to Gwen, the new player guide, who will start you off on learning the basic commands to be able to get around and perform some basic functions. 


2. Introduction: Gwen Tutorial - Who is Gwen? - A Tutorial Outline - What do I learn? -  Who is the Dark Knight? - What is his Challenge? - What reward/s does he offer?

Back to Main Menu 


* patch screen: this is the first screen that opens when you log into UO.  It will give details of any patch or publish that is entered into the game by the developers to advise you of changes to game play or 'fixes'.  It will also advise of anything that may be causing a problem or to be aware of that may have been reported but not fixed. When updates are made the progress of the patch as it installs on your machine will be viewable here.

* shard:   a shard is the term used for the various servers available to play on (It is actually one of the pieces of the Shattered Gem of Immortality in Ultima Lore and each shard contains a full replica of Britannia, only with different laws, peoples and such). There are currently 18 shards and you may have characters on each if you wish  (Siege Perilous & Mugen only allow 1 character per account). There is also a shard for the  TEST CENTER , usually called TC1 with the current publish number displayed.  The Test Center is where you can go and create characters and experiment with templates, housing, crafting etc.  The test center allows you to create a character with maximum skills/stats by just 'asking' for them, which may be changed at any time while you experiment.  It provides access to large quantities of resources/artifacts/gift tokens etc so you may view new items or include them in suits for experimentation Any character created on here is not a permanent character and will be deleted each time the TC1 resets for another publish/testing patch.  This is the ONLY shard you may place another house on if you have house on your play shard.  Houses on the Test Center do NOT put your 'real house' into condemn mode.  They are used mainly for those wishing to experiment with house design.

* template: a template is the term used for the skill 'make up' of your character.  Each character has 700 skill points which you  may make up by using whatever skills you  like.  Everyone's character has their own template choices, however, there are some basic type templates generally more common such as a 'mage template', 'warrior template',  'thief template', 'tamer',  'crafter or mule template' etc. For template ideas it is good to view the profession forums where you can get ideas of effective templates to put together. So if you are interested in a good 'fishing' template i.e. what skills should you put on, what complimentary skills may be used etc, the people who are experienced will generally help you out by giving you tips.  You may also ask questions of those who have played the type of character you think you may like to create and gain information on the 'best' way to train etc.  Reading these forums can save you a large amount of time when you are new to UO and want to make the most of your new character.