Blackthorn disappears mysteriously

Caitlin Elopidat


Blackthorn rallies the troops in Britain, 14K     Trinsic--Twas a grim day indeed in Britannia. Lord Blackthorn himself rode forth from his stronghold to rally the citizens against the forces of Juo'nar. His trek through Britain and subsequent arrival near the gates of Trinsic brought forces from far and near to battle the hordes of evil creatures who plagued that fair city.

    The forces were defeated handily. The amulet that Juo'nar used to marshall his forces of inhuman warriors was returned to Finth Desryn in Trinsic, blood from Juo'nar still fresh and dripping from the beauty of the item. Juo'nar himself, his body cold, lay dead near his boyhood home of Ocllo. Twas a great victory for all the land.


Blackthorn helps battle an ettin, 10K    But alas, twas also a dark day for Britannia. For Lord Blackthorn vanished in the woods north of Trinsic leaving behind a bloody battle that had yet to be decided. Witnesses close by say a moongate the color of blood appeared from nowhere and Blackthorn was ushered into it by two mysterious shapes. Some say twas Lathiari and Kyrnia, the liches which have plagued the land for so long and earned the full attention of Sage Humbolt.

    Where could he be? What could the liches want with his Lordship? Will they ransom him? Or torture him? Or kill him in cold blood? As of this time they have made no demands, and no word has been heard of either their or Blackthorn's whereabouts.

The amulet was returned to Finth Desryn, 16K

    All citizens should be on the look out. If you have any information regarding Blackthorn or his assailants it should be taken immediately to the town guard in whatever city you can reach. Also, all citizens should take caution when leaving the cities in the future. If one so mighty as Blackthorn can be taken then no one is safe.



From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, April 9th, 1998