Juo'Nar and his reign of terror come to a bloody end

Caitlin Elopidat


    The reign of terror that has plagued the land for so long, especially those in Trinsic, is over. For the past few months groups of humanoid creatures including lizardmen, orcs, ettins, trolls, ogres, and ratmen, have plagued the countryside at the whim of one man. A man of true evil, and an ex-paladin of Trinsic. Juo'nar.

    His frenzied attack began soon after the death of Lord Hartham. For those who don't recall, Hartham was the head trainer of the Warrior's guild in Trinsic, and a friend to the Captain of the Guards at the time, Lord Crawworth. Crawworth resigned after Hartham's wake, vowing to root out the treachery that destroyed his mentor.

    Subsequent inquiries into the matter revealed that Juo'nar, a trusted man in the paladin's guild, had been appropriating weapons, armor, and gold, and was apparently using this to supplement his forces. The true show of his cowardice and evil though, was the scene at the Shrine of Spirituality.

    Three priests had made their way to the Shrine to pray over a necklace, rumors say they were enchanting it with magical abilities, and to say mantras for the land. They were peaceable, compassionate, followers of virtue. They were unarmed and defenseless. They were slaughtered by Juo'nar, resplendant in platemail blacker than his heart, wielding a sword forged of a blood red metal that gleamed with the liquified remains of the priests when he was done with them. He made haste to escape that night, and disappeared for some time.

    When he returned he wore the necklace openly, using it's magic to control the minds of the creatures he commanded as an army. His first attack on Trinsic was thwarted easily, but lives were lost still. Those who died defending the walled city should be remembered by all as the brave heroes they were. Subsequent attacks grew more frequent, his raiding more bold. Juo'nar had a plan, but fortunately, it never saw fruition.

    When the last attack occurred, it was Fynth Desryn who sent the troops out himself from the Paladin's guild in Trinsic. And a small band of champions who discovered through clever dealings with ex-compatriots of his that Juo'nar was located in his childhood home on the isle of Ocllo.

    He'd apparently been there some time, locking himself in and never showing his face. How he managed to keep himself hidden is still a mystery, but Lord Crawworth is suspected to be in that area examining the evidence and still trying to find the link between Juo'nar and Harthams murder.

    Once discovered, Juo'nar attacked ferociously, using both magic and his blade to defend himself, he was none the less killed on the very land where he grew up. His body was identified by Paladin's who had worked side by side with him, never suspecting his treachery.

    His body is now gone, not to be seen by the public for fear of riots and desecration of the now dead traitor. It is rumored that it is hidden in the Paladin's Hall itself, though others say it was stolen by sympathetic parties and that they are working feverishly to raise him from the dead. Still others say he has been taken by those who have hated him from the beginning and that they've destroyed his body in a dark ritual of blood. The Paladin's Guild is refusing to comment.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, April 15th 1998