Geoffrey announces plans to return the FOA prisonners to Yew

Genn Wintord

UP: Britannia

    Sir Geoffrey announced tonight that the FOA prisoners would eventually be moved back to Yew. They would remain in custody there until such time as they are put on trial for their crimes against the realm. These crimes included the murder of Sir Duquelle of Britain, possible accomplices to the murder of Branson One-Thumb, and most seriously, for their attempt and continuing desire to destroy everything in the land by casting the Armageddon spell.

    Currently being held in a secure location somewhere around Serpent's hold, the prisoners will be moved to the jails in Trinsic so that they are on the mainland. They will shortly thereafter be transferred to the Yew prison. Sir Goeffrey said that they would be moved one at a time to help ensure better security during the transfer. He did not reveal when these transfers would begin, but he did hint that he may recruit warriors to aid in protecting the escort.

    The only information alluded to by the prisoners was that their future plans did indeed include the blackrock they have been collecting from hiding places across the kingdom. What exactly these plans are the prisoners either haven't revealed, or Sir Geoffrey was unwilling to share the information with us.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, October 2nd 1998