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Serpent's Hold

Order of the Silver Serpent

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Merchant Locations
The Bank in Serpent's Hold
(162°46'S 110°10'E)
Serpent's Spells
(152°36'S 118°08'E)
Silver Serpent Bows
(153°60'S 121°34'E)
Brittanian Herbs
(152°36'S 118°42'E)
Serpents Arms
(158°50'S 119°36'E)
(154°58'S 119°03'E)
Plenty O' Dough
(152°36'S 116°14'E)
(157°31'S 118°25'E)
Serpent Hold Meats
(164°32'S 111°23'E)
Serpent's Hold Stablery
(161°58'S 120°52'E)
(159°37'S 117°34'E)
Island Stables
(166°13'S 111°44'E)
Serpent's Hold Healer
(...°..'S ...°..'E)
Silver Serpent Tailor
(165°09'S 110°03'E)
The Broken Arrow Inn
(156°47'S 116°13'E)
Tinker of the Isle
(165°57'S 113°08'E)
The Dog and Lion Pub
(158°55'S 115°53'E)
Warriors Guild
(156°49'S 121°47'E)
Fisherman's Brew
(161°43'S 118°49'E)
Serpent Warriors
(152°34'S 119°57'E)
Other Points of Interest
Dummies and Archery Buttes
(154°47'S 120°14'E)
Passage to Fire Dungeon
(..°..'S ..°..'W)
Counselors Guild Hall
(...°..'S ...°..'E)