Liche Lathiari terrorizes Yew



    Evil's purpose revelaed!

    The last battle against Lathiari ended with him uttering a promise of more terror to come. His words proved truer than any would have wished. He and his dread sister Kyrnia infested a tower on the southern coast and constructed a terrible contraption of most malevolent intent.

    The previous week Lathiari had managed to make it to the home outside Yew that he and Kyrnia did extensive experimentation in before they were banished from Yew. Whatever objects he acquired from there were of obvious help.

    The rest of the land would have remained unaware until it was too late had it not been for Sage Humbolts scrying ability. The goodly Sage had detected an evil power emanating from the very clouds. After taking several samples and focusing his attentions further, he discovered the source of this foul energy that had corrupted the flow of the etheral current. Alerting the townspeople to the location of the problem, he prepared his own coutner magicks.

The first of the brave citizens to come upon the scene discovere the foul liche Kyrnia atop a tower, taunting them and casting spells.

    The area was littered with the animated corpses of heroes and citizens long buried. After fighting their way through the initial pack, they had to confront Kyrnia herself. Showing the cowardice that the pair has become known for, she disappeared.

    Sage Humbolt arrived to destroy the device and alert the citizens of an even greater problem. Kyrnia had no fear of leaving this device because she knew they still had enough of the prime ingredient required for their incantation to build again. They were utilizing a corrupted form of the very shrine stone used to build our testaments to the Virtues. Unless their reserves of this substance could be found, the threat would remain.

    Several parties of adventurers made the dangerous quest and eventually found all of the corrupted chunks of shrine stone. Sage Humbolt is now trying to discover the source of the liche's power. Their must be a key to their ability to regenerate their corporeal form...and until that is found and destroyed we will never be safe.



    Oddly enough, neither Juo'Nar nor the troll brothers took this opportunity to strike. Methinks they were as busy as the rest of Britannia in defending themselves from the dread horde of undead.

    Humbolt has assured this reporter that he will not rest until he discovers a way to permanently put these creatures of evil to rest.

    Let us hope he is successful.


From The Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, February 13, 1998