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Buccaneer's Den

Refuge of Thieves and Pirates

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Dim: 336x456 - Size: 133k
Tunnels Under Buc's Den
(Red Dot=Entrance)

Dim: 532x732 - Size: 97k
Map of Buc's Den
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Buccaneer's Den

Violente Woodworking
(42°00'S 92°02'E)
The Pirate's Provisioner
(54°55'S 99°54'E)
Healer of Buccaneer's Den
(46°24'S 97°14'E)
Cutlass Smithing
(40°46'S 92°10'E)
A place fer yer stuff
(49°55'S 99°04'E)
Buccaneers Den Leatherworks
(48°41'S 97°39'E)
The Peg Leg Inn
(42°11'S 97°48'E)
Buccaneers's Bath
(41°29'S 94°25'E)
The Pirate's Plunder
(53°31'S 95°58'E)
Pirate's Den
(49°55'S 94°17'E)

Other Points of Interest

Stone portal to mainland
(44°44'S 98°47'E)