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City of Pride*

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Dim: 450x450 - Size: 175k
Britain   Buccaneer's Den   Cove   Delucia   Gargoyle   Jhelom   Magincia   Minoc   Moonglow  
Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  


Baker's Dozen
(5326'S 17051'E)
The Furled Sail
(5559'S 16457'E)
The Bread Basket
(4830'S 16547'E)
Stichin' Time
(5326'S 16509'E)
Bank of Magincia
(4706'S 16906'E)
The Tic Toc Shop
(4500'S 16758'E)
Healer of Magincia
(5320'S 16604'E)
Fishermen's Guild and Supplies
(5559'S 16552'E)
The Stag and Lion
(4743'S 16724'E)
Merchant's Guild
(5418'S 16758'E)
Great Horns Tavern
(5315'S 16939'E)
Magincia Miner's Guild
(4510'S 16509'E)
The Family Jewels
(4907'S 16509'E)
Magincia Parliament
(5532'S 17237'E)
Magincia's Magicka
(5156'S 16758'E)
Counselor's Guild
(4913'S 16832'E)

Other Points of Interest

(4521'S 15734'E)
(3840'S 16832'E)
* Since Ultima Online seems to be positioned between Ultima III and IV on the timeline, Magincia has not yet been destroyed and is known as the city of Pride instead of the city of Humility