UO Stratics - Grand Sosarian Atlas - Gypsy Caravan
The Gypsy Caravan
Sextant Coords.: 104° 45' N, 4° 55' E UOAM Coords.: X: 1393, Y: 432
Facet: Ilshenar Closest Gate: Compassion Moongate
Map: Inhabitants:

NPC Vendors:

  • Fortune Teller
  • Gypsy Animal Herder
  • Gypsy Banker
  • Gypsy Maiden
  • Iron Worker
  • Vagabond
  • Description
    A small caravan of gypsies have made camp here in the forest between the mountains at the Shrine of Compassion, dangerously near the Wyrm Mountain.

    From this little camp they will help the weary traveller with supplies and healing.

    See Also: Compassion Mountains

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