UO Stratics - Grand Sosarian Atlas - Spectre Dungeon
The Spectre Dungeon
Sextant Coords.: N/A UOAM Coords.: X: 1982, Y: 1106
Facet: Ilshenar Closest Gate: Spirituality Moongate
Map: Inhabitants:

Location Type: Dungeon
  • Ghoul
  • Shade
  • Spectre
  • Wraith
  • Description
    Below the keep of Reg Volom lies this beautiful tomb, most likely the final resting place for the Ethereal Warriors.

    Unfortunately the tomb is haunted by a large group of Ghouls and Spectres. Or maybe they are not haunting it, but rather guarding it.

    A: Exit to Reg Volom.

    See Also: Reg Volom

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