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The Grand Sosarian Atlas

Greetings and welcome to the Grand Sosarian Atlas.

This Atlas is a compendium of most, if not all, of the points of interest in the world of Sosaria, all facets included.

On each page of the atlas you will find small map showing the location, as well as a short description and a few useful facts about the location. What exactly those facts mean will be explained below.

At the top of each page you will of course find the name of the location. Following that you will see these fields:

Sextant Coords.: These numbers are the coordinates the location has if you're using the normal Sosarian coordinate system. They can be obtained by using a normal sextant anywhere in the world, where you can see the sky.
Clicking the coordinates will show you the location on the Zoomable world map.

UOAM Coords.: The UOAM coordinates are the coordinates used in UO AutoMap, which is an extremely useful tool.

Facet: This field states which facet the location can be found on.

Closest Gate: The moongate listed as the closest gate is the one it would be shortest to walk from, or if you can't walk all the way, sail from. Inhabitants: A large part of the locations in the atlas are inhabitted by either monsters or other NPC's wanting to sell you something. Those will be listed here.

Description: Here you will find a short general description of the location.

See Also: In some cases you will see this field in the Description field. The locations listed here are those that are either contained in a larger general location, or a larger location that this location is a part of.

Enjoy the exploring!

- Fluffy, Grandmaster Cartographer

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