UO Stratics - Grand Sosarian Atlas - Jhelom Cemetery
Jhelom Cemetery
Sextant Coords.: 174° 49' N, 2° 48' W UOAM Coords.: X: 1283, Y: 3731
Facet: Trammel and Felucca Closest Gate: Jhelom Moongate
Map: Inhabitants:
  • Ghoul
  • Shade
  • Skeleton
  • Spectre
  • Wraith
  • Zombie
  • Description
    For an undead infested cemetery, Jhelom Cemetery is located dangerously close to the city of Jhelom. In fact it is more or less inside the city, which of course causes some of the undead to occasionally wander into the town.

    See Also: Jhelom

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