UO Stratics - Grand Sosarian Atlas - Montor
Sextant Coords.: 117° 4' N, 24° 15' E UOAM Coords.: X: 1668, Y: 292
Facet: Ilshenar Closest Gate: Chaos Moongate
Map: Inhabitants:

Location Type: Monster Settlement
  • Daemon
  • Dragon
  • Drake
  • Earth Elemental
  • Efreet
  • Fire Elemental
  • Hell Hound
  • Imp
  • Lava Lizard
  • Lava Serpent
  • Phoenix
  • Succubus
  • Description
    Montor was probably once a beautiful place, situated as it is on the mountainside overlooking the lake, Termir Flam. But that was a long time ago, since then the volcano it was built on has erupted and destroyed most of the buildings. Now the only thing that thrives there are monsters, that have been attracted by the massive destructive powers of the volcano.

    On the outskirts of the city lies both the Chaos Shrine and Moongate, and high above is what became the bane of the city, the volcano known as the Abyss.

    See Also: Abyss, Chaos Moongate, Chaos Shrine

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