The Blacksmith skill allows a character to craft the items listed on this page.
To craft an item you will need to use a Smith's Hammer or Sledge Hammer.

The items on this page can be sorted by item name, required skill or by the category they are located under in the crafting menu.
Clicking on the Item Name will take you to the Item Catalogue, where you can find additional information and pictures of the item.
The 'Makers Mark' column indicates whether the item can be marked with the makers name when crafted exceptionally by a Grandmaster Blacksmith.
The 'Retains Color' column indicates whether the item will retain the color of the material used to craft the item.
The 'Requires Recipe' column indicates whether a recipe is required before you can craft the item.
Required Skill listed is the minimum skill needed and does not indicate a 100% chance of success.
Success and Exceptional Chances listed are calculated based on the values you enter in the skill fields at the top of the page.

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