Fire Horns
  • A fire horn is a weapon that can only be used by bards.
  • It works as a kind of area effect fire damage spell.
  • The more points you have in the 4 bard skills, the more damage you will inflict.
  • Using a fire horn requires at least 52.6 Musicianship skill.
  • Using a fire horn will use up 4 Sulfurous Ash.
  • You have to be within 3 tiles of your target to use a fire horn.
  • When you use a fire horn there is a small delay until you can use it again.
  • Each time you use a fire horn there is a 1% chance that it will break.
  • When used against another player the fire horn will do less damage than against a monster.
Fire Horn Damage
Your Skills:
Your Musicianship:   Your Provocation:
Your Peacemaking:   Your Discordance:
Your Musicianship skill is too low for you to successfully use a fire horn.

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