Ore to Ingot Conversion
Ore Weight Ingots Produced upon Successful Smelt
 Two small piles 2 * 2 stones 1 ingot
 or One medium pile 7 stones 1 ingot
 One large pile 12 stones 2 ingots

Colored Ore and Ingots
Mining skill :    
Ore & Ingots Armor Color Min.
Armor Weapons Spawns
  Iron - 0% - 100% Physical Damage
Dull Copper 65 0% +10 Physical Resist
+ 50 Durability
-20 required Str

100% Physical Damage
+100 Durability
-50 required Str
Shadow 70 0% +3 Physical Resist
+2 Fire Resist
+7 Energy Resist
+100 Durability

80% Physical Damage
20% Cold Damage
+50 Durability
Copper 75 0% +2 Physical Resist
+2 Fire Resist
+7 Poison Resist
+2 Energy Resist
70% Pysical Damage
10% Poison Damage
20% Energy Damage
Bronze 80 0% +3 Physical Resist
+7 Cold Resist
+2 Poison Resist
+2 Energy Resist
60% Physical Damage
40% Fire Damage
Golden 85 0% +2 Physical Resist
+2 Fire Resist
+3 Cold Resist
+3 Energy Resist
+40 Luck
-30 required Str
100% Physical Damage
+40 Luck
-50 required Str
Agapite 90 0% +2 Physical Resist
+7 Fire Resist
+2 Cold Resist
+2 Poison Resist
+2 Energy Resist
50% Physical Damage
30% Cold Damage
20% Energy Damage
Verite 95 0% +4 Physical Resist
+4 Fire Resist
+3 Cold Resist
+4 Poison Resist
+1 Energy Resist
40% Physical Damage
40% Poison Damage
20% Energy Damage
Valorite 99 0% +5 Physical Resist
+4 Cold Resist
+4 Poison Resist
+4 Energy Resist
+50 Durability

40% Physical Damage
10% Fire Damage
20% Cold Damage
10% Poison Damage
20% Energy Damage

Mining issues:
  • Valorite Ore is hardest to find, Iron Ore the easiest. A miner with a high mining skill is more likely to find a colored ore vein than less skilled miner.
  • Ore spots give a consistent total amount of ore each time they are mined, this can be either all iron or a mix of iron and colored.
  • Ore spots have a random chance to change what ore they give at each respawn.
  • When a miner reaches the minimum required mining skill and is mining a colored ore vein he has a 50% chance of actually digging up the colored ore.
  • Mining colored ore seems to improve skill a little faster than normal iron ore.
  • Smelting colored ore into ingots improves mining skill much faster than smelting normal iron ore.
Mining Tools:
  • A brand new shovel or pickaxe bought from a tinker npc has 50 uses before it breaks.
  • An exceptional shovel or pickaxe made by a player using tinkering skill has 100 uses before it breaks
  • High quality mining tools, such as the sturdy pickaxe and sturdy shovel can be obtained by blacksmiths turning in a completed Bulk Order Deed. Sturdy digging tools have approximately 180 uses.
  • Prospector's tools can also be obtained by blacksmiths turning in bulk orders. This item will allow you to extract ore one color higher than the one normally yielded by a vein. For instance, if you use it on a verite vein, you will obtain valorite. The process to use this item is to dig once with the shovel/pickaxe, use the tool on the ore vein then dig normally to empty the spot.
  • Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles sometimes carry a gargoyle's pickaxe. These pickaxes have a variable number of uses between 100 and 120 approximately and can also be obtained by blacksmiths turning in a completed bulk order deed. Using a gargoyle's pickaxe boosts the ore vein by one level and will stack with the same effect from a prospectors tool. For example an agapite vein can be raised to verite with a prospector tool and then to valorite with a gargoyle pickaxe. This item also has a chance to spawn an Ore Elemental of the same color as the ore you are currently mining.
Smithing issues:
  • A smith cannot use the colored ingots unless he has the required skill for that color.
  • If a smith has the minimum skill requirement for a color, the success on smithing seems the same, even on exceptional quality plate chests.
  • Smithing colors has no effect on the rate of skill gain.
Other Resources
  • 6 Gems used to craft a variety of items spawn randomly when mining at GM level. These are:
  • Normal, jewelry gems, spawn randomly when mining at GM level when the miner has read the book 'Mining for Quality Gems' bought from a blacksmith in the Royal City, Ter Mur facet and has selected from the context menu on his mining tool 'set to ore and gems'
  • Crystaline Blackrock spawns randomly when mining at GM level in the Ter Mur Facet (These can also be found as loot on ore elementals dug using a gargoyle pickaxe on all facets)
  • Saltpeter can be mined from niter deposits in dungeons or from boats. Only miners with high luck can find these deposits which can occur in 5 different sizes. Once found the miner must mine the deposit until it is consumed. The niter will decay if not mined when found.



    Small Niter
    A Small Niter Deposit
    Large Niter
    A Larger Niter Deposit
    huge niter
    A Huge Niter Deposit
    Massive Niter
    A Massive Niter Deposit
    Gigantic Niter
    A Gigantic Niter Deposit
Thanks to Dymos, GM-Smith of the Cove's Merchants and Craftsmen (CMC) on Chesapeake for most of the information on colored ore and ingots.
Thanks to Elowyn of Moonglow for pictures of the different colored armor sets.

Mining for Quality Stone and Glass-Quality Sand
  • To learn how to mine for stone a GM Miner must read the book"Mining for Quality Stone"
  • To learn how to mine for sand a GM Miner must read the book "Find Glass-Quality Sand"
  • These skills do not cost any skill points, and have no effect on the skill cap
  • The books can be bought from Gargoyle Alchemists and Stone Crafters in Royal City, Ter Mur.
  • Each book costs about 10,000 gold
  • The books will be destroyed after it has been read by a GM Miner
  • You can use both books on the same miner, reading the second one will not make you forget the first one
  • Miners that have learned how to mine for glass and/or stone will still be able to mine regular ore
  • To mine stone use the context menu on your shovel or pick and choose 'set to ore and stone'
  • Granite comes in all different shades, just as ore does
  • Granite weighs 1 stone and is stackable
  • Miners will continue to mine ore as they mine stones
  • Granite can be used for Stonecrafting
  • Sand can only be found on beaches and along some coast lines
  • Sand weighs 1 stone is stackable
  • you will successfully dig up sand with each attempt
  • The distribution of sand seems to occur in 8x8 resource grids that can be emptied out ("There is no sand here to mine.")
  • You can expect 6-13 samples per resource grid area (8x8)
  • Respawn times range from 10-20 minutes.
  • Sand can be used for Glass blowing

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