Paragon Creatures

A Paragon Balron Paragon Creatures are a special kind of creatures that spawn only in the Ilshenar facet. They can be recognised by their golden color and the text (Paragon) after their name. Anytime a creature spawns in Ilshenar it has a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Paragon, which means that it will have greatly enhanced stats and skills.

Because Paragons are much stronger and smarter than their normal counterparts, they will not be tameable and it will be much more difficult for bards to use their skills on them, in some cases they can't even be the first target of a provoke attempt.

In addition to the enhanced stats and skills, Paragons will also move faster, regenerate hitpoints, mana and stamina faster, hit harder and also be much more prone to attack a new target if it moves within its range, even if it is already fighting something.

With enhanced skills and stats comes of course also enhanced rewards for those who manage to kill a Paragon Creature. In addition to whatever normal loot the creature carries it will also have some extra loot based on how much fame it has, so more fame equals more loot.

When a Paragon is killed, each of the people who did the most damage to it will have a small chance to receive a special minor artifact. The chance of receiving one of these artifacts is dependant on the creatures fame level and each individuals luck.

If the creature normally has a chance to carry a treasure map it will have a 1 in 10 chance of also carrying a special treasure chest one level higher. This treasure chest will be one of 11 special colors and its name will show which Paragon it was recovered from. The chest will be locked and trapped like normal treasure chests of the same difficulty, but it can be moved around and even put into your backpack. Inside the chest will be about 20% of the gold, gems and magic items of a normal treasure chest of the same level and in addition to that, a treasure map the same level as the chest, ie one level above the map given by the monster.

Stats & Skills
As mentioned earlier the stats and skills of a Paragon have been greatly enhanced compared to a normal creature. It will have 5 times as many Hit Points, 5% more strength, 20% more dexterity and intelligence and all of its skills will be 20% higher.

Its base damage will be 5 points higher than normal and if it can normally inflict poison, it will be capable of doing it one level higher, although no higher than level 5(Lethal Poison). Its fame and karma will also be raised by 40%, or lowered if it was negative.

For more specific details on a creature you can select one from the list below. If you input your luck you will also be able to see how big a chance you have of getting an artifact. Please keep in mind though that the numbers are only approximate.


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Hit Points Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
233 - 305 67 - 90 2 79 - 105 67 - 90 13 - 16

Wrestling Tactics Resist Anatomy Poisoning Magery Eval. Int. Meditation
48.1 - 72.0 48.1 - 72.0 24.1 - 48.0 0.0 - - - -

Damage: Fame: Karma: Poison Level: Bard Diff. Treasure Level: Artifact Chance:
10 - 16 630 0 None 69.4 None 1 in 181

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