Minimum Requirements for Making Maps
- To create a map, you need a mapmaker's pen (may be bought from NPC mapmakers or made by players with sufficient tinkering skill) and a blank scroll* in your backpack. Doubleclick the pen to open the crafting menu for cartographers.
Cartography skill :     Talisman Bonus :    
Map Type Required Skill Success Chance
Local Map 0 0%
City Map 25.0 0%
Sea Map 35.0 0%
World Map 50.0 0%
Tattered Wall Map 50.0 0%

* Blank scrolls may be bought from NPC mapmakers, scribes, mages and realestate agents or can be made by players from woodpulp using the inscription skill.

Minimum Requirements for Reading Maps
Map Level MapDescription Skill Level Required
0 Youthfully Drawn
No longer available
1 Plainly Drawn 27.0
2 Expertly Drawn 71.0
3 Adeptly Drawn 81.0
4 Cleverly Drawn 91.0
5 Deviously Drawn 100
6 Ingeniously Drawn 100

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