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Red Leaves: Bright Red Elephant Ear Plant, Bright Red Ponytail Palm and Bright Red Century Plant.
Orange Petals: Bright Orange Poppies, Bright Orange Bulrushes and Bright Orange Pampas Grass.
Green Thorn: Bright Green Barrel Cactus and Bright Green Snake Plant.
Show me how to make this plant: Plain Colored Campion Flowers

To create a plain colored plant, make sure that one or both of the parent plants is plain colored.

Use one of these parent plant combinations:

  • Campion Flowers + Campion Flowers

    Fastest full path from findings seeds on boglings to growing Campion Flowers:
    1. Find Campion Flowers seeds on a bogling.

    Possible Parent Plants
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     Plain Colored
    Campion FlowersPlain Colored Campion Flowers

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