Ultima Online Attribute Change Calculator, by Sie Ming

In order to tabulate what your attributes would be, enter your current stat values below. Special thanks to Thaal-Rasha and Prasutagus (LS) for inspiring this page.

Formula's used:

  • Health = (Strength / 2) + Hit Point Bonus + 50
  • Stamina = Dexterity + Stamina Bonus
  • Mana = Intelligence + Mana Bonus
Enter your Strength:    + bonus     Your new Health:
Enter your Dexterity:    + bonus     Your new Stamina:
Enter your Intelligence:    + bonus     Your new Mana:
The bonuses column can be used to enter stats bonuses that are a result of magic spells such as bless, strength, agility and cunning, magic potions that increase stats or magic items with properties that increase the derived stat (like Hit Point Increase).

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