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Armor Enhancing Calculator

To calculate the chance of enhancing or breaking a given piece of armor, enter the properties of your non-enhanced piece of armor in the fields below, choose a material to enhance it with and click Enhance.

For a more in depth explanation of the calculations, see the text below the calculator.

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Dull Copper Shadow Iron Copper Bronze
Golden Agapite Verite Valorite
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Spined Horned Barbed
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Energy Resist:
Lower Requirements:
Resist Total: 15 15
Please choose a material to enhance this item with!

The following formulae are used in the calculation of the success chances:

- All Resistances: failure % = 20 + Current Resistance
- Durability: failure % = 20 + ( Current Max. Durability / 40 )
- Lower Requirements: failure % = 20 + ( Current Lower Requirements% / 4 )
- Luck: failure % = 30 + ( Current Luck / 2 )
  Drop all decimals from the calculations.

The failure Chances are checked for each property you are trying to enhance on the item.

The failure Chance is lowered by 1% for each property at GM skill and another 1% for every 10 skillpoints above GM. *

So enhancing a piece of armor with 10 in each resistance with Verite would give you 5 checks with each 30% chance of failure, or 70% chance of success, which in the end amounts to a success chance of about 16% (70%*70%*70%*70%*70%).

The chance of breaking an item is about 10% lower than the failure chance for each property that is enhanced.

Only your skill level and the number of properties you are trying to enhance and their original value affects the success chance. The magnitude of the properties you are adding has no effect on the success chance.

* Thanks to Chew of the Tower of Roses for getting the skill formula from Hanse the Developer.

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