The Archery skill is automatically used when you engage in combat holding an archery weapon. It is used to calculate your chance to hit and chance to be hit.

At a skill level of 70, the Archer will be able to use an archery weapons primary special move.
At a skill level of 90, the Archer will be able to use an archery weapons secondary special move.

Archery Weapons
Strength:   Dexterity:
Anatomy:   Tactics:
Damage Increase %:   Swing Speed Increase %:
To use this page, simply put the desired skill levels and stats in the boxes above, and click Go.
The required strength will be red if the strength input (default of 10) is less then the required strength. DPS is the damage per second, based on the average damage with the skills and stats you've input, and with an assumed 100% hit rate, a Stamina level of 100% of Dexterity and no resistance by the target. Swing Delay is the delay in seconds between swings at a Stamina level of 100% of your Dexterity. Swing Delay can not be any faster than 1.25 second.
Swing Speed Increase and Damage Increase are the modifiers found on some magic weapons.
A special thanks goes out to Beans, Crenon, Flagg, and Guildenstern for their invaluable assistance in collecting the data used in creating this page.
Weapon NameSTR Req.Base DamageDamageSpeedSwing DelayDPSSpecial Moves
3017 - 2117 - BlowMortal Strike
Composite Bow
4516 - 2016 - 2044.004.5Armor IgnoreMoving Shot
3518 - 2218 - 224.54.504.44Concussion BlowMortal Strike
Elven Composite Longbow
4515 - 1915 - 193.753.754.53Force ArrowSerpent Arrow
Heavy Crossbow
8020 - 2420 - 2455.004.4Moving ShotDismount
Magical Shortbow
4512 - 1612 - 1633.004.67Lightning ArrowPsychic Attack
Repeating Crossbow
3011 - 1511 - 152.752.754.73Double StrikeMoving Shot
3513 - 1713 - PierceDouble Shot

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