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Fey Leggings

Weight 7 Stone(s)
Hit Point Increase 6
Defense Chance Increase 20%
Physical Resist 12%
Fire Resist 8%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 4%
Energy Resist 19%
Mage Armor
Strength Requirement 60
Durability 255

General Information:
The Fey Leggings is one of the minor artifacts that can be found by defeating named monsters in Mondain's Legacy dungeons and is an elf-only item.

These items use the same 'drop system' as the Ilshenar paragon minor artifacts, i.e. the item appears in the character's back pack.

A human-wearable version spawns as a rare drop on Peerless Champions, lootable from the monster's corpse.

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