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Alchemy Craftables

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Agility Potion
Black Powder
Bottle of Ichor
Color Fixative (Color Fixative)
Conflagration Potion
Confusion Blast Potion
Crystal Dust (Crystal Dust)
Crystal Granules (Crystal Granules)
Cure Potion
Darkglow Poison Potion
Deadly Poison Potion
Elixir of Rebirth (Elixir of Rebirth)
Explosion Potion
Fuse Cord
Glass Staff (Gargoyles Only)
Glass Sword (Gargoyles Only)
Gold Dust
Greater Agility Potion
Greater Conflagration Potion
Greater Confusion Blast Potion
Greater Cure Potion
Greater Explosion Potion
Greater Heal Potion
Greater Poison Potion
Greater Refresh Potion
Greater Strength Potion
Heal Potion
Hovering Wisp
Invisibility Potion
Lesser Cure Potion
Lesser Explosion Potion
Lesser Heal Potion
Lesser Poison Potion
Match Cord
Natural Dye (Natural Dye)
Nexus Core
Nightsight Potion
Parasitic Poison Potion
Plant Pigment (Plant Pigment)
Poison Potion
Refresh Potion
Scouring Toxin (Scouring Toxin)
Smoke Bomb
Softened Reeds (Alchemy version)
Strength Potion
Workable Glass

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