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Imbuing Resources

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Abyssal Cloth
Arcanic Rune Stone
Bottle of Ichor
Boura Pelt
Chaga Mushroom
Crystal Shards
Crystalline Blackrock
Daemon Claw
Delicate Scales
Elven Fletching
Enchanted Essence
Essence of Achievement
Essence of Balance
Essence of Control
Essence of Diligence
Essence of Direction
Essence of Feeling
Essence of Order
Essence of Passion
Essence of Persistence
Essence of Precision
Essence of Singularity
Fairy Dust
Goblin Blood
Lava Serpent Crust
Magical Residue
Powdered Iron
Raptor Tooth
Reflective Wolf Eye
Relic Fragment
Seed of Renewal
Silver Snake Skin
Slith Tongue
Undying Flesh
Vial of Vitriol
Void Orb

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