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Player vs. Monster Melee Damage Calculator
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Cold Damage:
Poison Damage:
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Dull Copper(65%):
Shadow Iron(61%):
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Enemy of One:
Consecrate Weapon:
Monster to Player: 13-17 HP
Player to Monster: 10-13 HP
You would have to hit this creature about 462-600 times to kill it.

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The purpose of this calculator is to show approximately how much damage a given creature can do to you in melee combat and how much damage you can do to it. Furthermore it might give you some ideas for how you can improve on your equipment when fighting that creature.

All properties displayed in red are the ones that are most important against the creature. Ie. the ones that will absorb or inflict the most damage.

To calculate the damage for a creature, simply pick it from the dropdown menu and fill in the following information about your equipment:

Your Armor:
Resistances: The 5 resistances your equipment gives you, these numbers are found in the right side of your status gump or, if you for some reason can't wear the equipment, by adding the resistances for each piece of equipment together.

Your Weapon:
Damage: This is the damage you will do against a 0 resist opponent. You can find these values on your status gump. If you are not able to equip the weapon, you can use the Select Weapon link to open a small calculator, that can calculate the damage based on your stats and skills.
Damage Types: These 5 values are displayed on item property gump for the weapon.
Slayer: If your weapon is a Slayer weapon, select the correct type here.

The material buttons on the right side are for selecting a materials base damage types. This will show you how much damage a 100% Physical damage weapon would do if you enhanced it with another material. The percentages are the amount of your total damage the material will inflict on the creature.

Special Attacks:
If you have the chivalry skill, you have a few abilities available that will increase your damage potential against most creatures. Check the fields for the abilities if you want to see how much they will increase your damage.

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