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The Hiryu

General Information
The Hiryu is a fierce feathered dragon that mostly resembles a giant bird. The feathers of the normal Hiryu can be one of several different colors which can be seen here: Classic Client or Stygian Abyss Client (Thank you to Tina Small for the images). Most will only be the normal grey and red.

The Hiryu is an extremely powerful creature and single blow from its claws can render your physical resistance useless, or it could just knock you off your mount if you were on one.

Unlike most other dragons the Hiryu does not have a breath attack, nor does it have magic abilities, but its raw strength more than makes up for that.

Although it might take a while, it is possible for a skilled animal tamer to tame the Hiryu. Beware however, the Hiryu is easily angered and will usually not come just because you ask it politely. When it is tamed, the Hiryu will have most of its stats halved.

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Can be used as a mount
Lowers Physical Resistance
Dismount Attack
Loot: 1500 - 1900 Gold. Magic Items, 4 Gems
Carved: 60 Hides, 16 Raw Ribs
Special: Bonsai Seed, Fragrant Seed, Peculiar Seed.
Found At: Sleeping Dragon Champion Spawn, Hiryu Forest, Hotaka Plains
Related To: Lesser Hiryu
First Seen: Samurai Empire Expansion, November 2004
Damage: 125 - 181 HP, 100% Physical Damage
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: Level 5 (18000) Karma: Level 5 (-18000)
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: Dragon Slayer, Reptile Slayer Ranged Attack: None
Required Taming: 98.7 Speed: Medium
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Meat Barding Difficulty: 118.2
Taming Notes: Requires 4 Control Slots.
Stats drop when tamed.
Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  
Credits: data by Beastmaster

Difficulty Ratings
Class DR Comments
Archer: ?  
Bard: ?  
Mage: ?  
Tamer: ?  
Warrior: ?  

20 readings Hit Points Stamina Mana STR DEX INT
Minimum: 900 170 60 1200 170 300
Average: 1000 220 63 1305 220 313
Maximum: 1100 270 65 1410 270 325

20 readings Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Minimum: 55 70 15 40 40
Average: 63 80 20 45 45
Maximum: 70 90 25 50 50

20 readings Wrestling Tactics Magic Resistance Anatomy Poisoning Healing Magery Evaluating Intelligence Meditation
Minimum: 100.0 100.0 85.0 75.0 - - - - -
Average: 110.0 105.0 92.5 77.5 - - - - -
Maximum: 120.0 110.0 100.0 80.0 - - - - -

Equipment Advisor
Best weapon material against this creature: Agapite
Most important damage type against this creature: Cold
Most important elemental resistance against this creature: Physical
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