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Grizelda the Hag

General Information

Grizelda is an old wrinkled hag that has made a home out of some ruins far west of Britain. There she brews her strange and sometimes smelly potions.

Grizelda seems to have a problem keeping her apprentices alive, mainly because of a certain Imp named Zeefzorpul. Therefore she will ask you to go look for her last apprentice, who has gone missing. To find the apprentice you will have to go to the road east of the ruins and follow it north towards the cemetery in Yew. Somewhere along that road you will come across the body of the apprentice and notice the Imp steal a paper from the corpse. Once you have examined the body you can return to the Hag.

Not being too happy about the news, Grizelda will send you to recover the recipe that Zeefzorpul stole from the apprentice. When you get the recipe back from the Imp and return it to Grizelda, she will want you to collect the ingredients listed in the recipe for her, since she no longer has an apprentice to do it.

You will need to collect 3 random ingredients, which can be any of the following:

  • 5 Sheep Liver (kill 5 Sheep)
  • 5 Rabbit's Foot (kill 5 Rabbits or Jack Rabbits)
  • 5 Mongbat Wing (kill 5 Mongbats)
  • 5 Chicken Gizzard (kill 5 Chickens)
  • 5 Rat Tail (kill 5 Rats)
  • 5 Frog's Leg (kill 5 Bullfrogs)
  • 5 Deer Heart (kill 5 Hinds or Great Harts)
  • 5 Lizard Tongue (kill 5 Lizardmen or Lava Lizards)
  • 5 Slime Ooze (kill 5 Slimes)
  • 5 Spirit Essence (kill 5 Bogles, Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, Wraiths or Shadow Fiends)
  • 5 Bones Buried In Hallowed Ground (use a shovel on a grave)
  • Swamp Water (use a pitcher on a swamp)
  • Freshly Cut Red Mushrooms (use a dagger on a red mushroom)
  • Star Chart (use a spyglass at night)
  • Captain Blackheart's Whiskey (talk to Captain Blackheart in Buccaneer's Den)

Once you have all three ingredients you can return to Grizelda for your reward, which will be some gold, reagents, magic items, a treasure map, a cauldron, a bottle of magical moonfire brew and if you were drunk when you finished the quest also a bottle of Grizelda's Extra Strength Hangover Cure.
Cauldron Moonfire Brew Grizelda's Hangover Cure

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Is Invulnerable (Yellow name)
Loot: 2000 - 2200 Gold. 30 of each Reagent, Magic Item
Special: Random Level Treasure Map, A Cauldron, A Bottle of Magical Moonfire Brew, Grizelda's Extra Strength Hangover Cure (Only when you are drunk)
Found At: Ruins west of Britain
Related To: Captain Blackheart, Zeefzorpul
First Seen: Scenario 5, When Ants Attack, October 2002
Damage: Unknown
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: None Karma: None
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: None Ranged Attack: None
Required Taming: - Speed: Frozen
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Fish Barding Difficulty: -
Taming Notes: Not Tameable. Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  

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