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The Red Solen Warrior

General Information

The Solen are a race of giant ants made intelligent by the Meer's failed Decay spell. They have recently started appearing from their underground home.

The Red Solen Warrior is the fighter of the Red Solen race and is far more dangerous than the lowly workers. When it is out of melee attack range it will spit a dangerous acid at its attacker.

The Acid will do a little damage, but most of it will end up on the ground, where it is very easy to step in. Stepping in one of the acid pools will cause you to lose a massive amount of health very fast, but luckily they will seep into the ground and disappear in a few seconds.

When the Solen Warrior is badly damaged its Acid Sac will burst, this will cause it to stop spitting and the acid will start spilling out on the ground around it. Standing near it when that happens is very bad for your health.

The red variety of the Solen can currently only be found in Trammel.

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Spits Acid.
Spills Acid.
Loot: 250 - 350 Gold. 1-4 Gems
Special: 3-13 Zoogi Fungus, Picnic Basket, Bracelet of Binding
Found At: Solen Hive NW, Solen Hive SE, Solen Hive SW
Related To: Ambitious Solen Queen (Black), Ambitious Solen Queen (Red), Black Solen Infiltrator (Queen), Black Solen Infiltrator (Warrior), Black Solen Queen, Black Solen Warrior, Black Solen Worker, Red Solen Infiltrator (Queen), Red Solen Infiltrator (Warrior), Red Solen Queen, Red Solen Worker, Solen Matriarch (Black), Solen Matriarch (Red)
First Seen: Scenario 5, When Ants Attack, September 2002
Damage: 5 - 15 HP, Unknown
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: Level 3 (3000) Karma: Level 3 (-3000)
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: None Ranged Attack: Acid Spit
Required Taming: - Speed: Medium
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Meat Barding Difficulty: 72.8
Taming Notes: Not Tameable. Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  

Difficulty Ratings
Class DR Comments
Archer: 6  
Bard: 6  
Mage: 6  
Tamer: 6  
Warrior: 7  

12 readings Hit Points Stamina Mana STR DEX INT
Minimum: 96 101 36 196 101 36
Average: 102 113 48 208 113 48
Maximum: 107 125 60 220 125 60

12 readings Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Minimum: 20 20 10 20 10
Average: 28 28 18 28 18
Maximum: 35 35 25 35 25

12 readings Wrestling Tactics Magic Resistance Anatomy Poisoning Healing Magery Evaluating Intelligence Meditation
Minimum: 80.0 80.0 60.0 0.0 - - - - -
Average: 80.0 80.0 60.0 0.0 - - - - -
Maximum: 80.0 80.0 60.0 0.0 - - - - -

Equipment Advisor
Best weapon material against this creature: Agapite
Most important damage type against this creature: Cold
Most important elemental resistance against this creature: Physical
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