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Tomas O'Neerlan the Famed Toymaker

General Information

Tomas O'Neerlan is famous for making small toy monster figurines in his workshop inside the Trinsic Tinker Guild.

Tomas is one of the people you will need to see in order to complete the tasks that Elwood McCarrin gives you.

Before Tomas can make a set of figurines for you, he will need some images of the 4 monsters they are supposed to look like. To make these images he gives you a set of enchanted paints that will capture the image of the needed monsters.

You will need to seek out the needed 4 monsters and make images of them, which monsters are needed is random.

Once you have the 4 images and return to Tomas, he will start making the figurines and tell you that he will send them to Elwood once they are done. He will also give you back the images you made.

Now you can return to Elwood for your reward.

Note: Tomas will only make toy figurines for you if you have been sent to him by Elwood.

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Is Invulnerable (Yellow name)
Loot: Special: 4 Painted Monster Images
Found At: Trinsic
Related To: Alberta Giacco, Elwood McCarrin, Gabriel Piete
First Seen: Scenario 5, When Ants Attack, October 2002
Damage: Unknown
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: None Karma: None
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: None Ranged Attack: None
Required Taming: - Speed: Frozen
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Fish Barding Difficulty: -
Taming Notes: Not Tameable. Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  

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