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Alberta Giacco the Respected Painter

General Information

Alberta Giacco is a portrait painter, who works at the Colored Canvas in Vesper.

Alberta occasionally paints portraits for Elwood McCarrin, the collector from Haven. If you have been sent by Elwood to have a portrait painted, Alberta will ask you to sit on the stool in front of her for a little while.

Fortunately she works very fast and you will only have to sit on the stool for about 30 seconds. If you move from the stool before she finishes, she will have to start over.

Once the portrait is finished Alberta will put it away to dry and tell you she will have it sent to Elwood once it is ready. You can then return to Elwood for your next task.

Note: Alberta will not talk to you unless you are there to get a portrait for Elwood.

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Is Invulnerable (Yellow name)
Loot: Nothing
Found At: Vesper
Related To: Elwood McCarrin, Gabriel Piete, Tomas O'Neerlan
First Seen: Scenario 5, When Ants Attack, October 2002
Damage: Unknown
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: None Karma: None
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: None Ranged Attack: None
Required Taming: - Speed: Frozen
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Fish Barding Difficulty: -
Taming Notes: Not Tameable. Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  

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