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Abyssal Infernal

General Information
Champion of the Abyssal Infernal Spawn deep in a cavern in the Abyss.
Also accessible through Hythloth where an entrance has appeared in a small storage room on level 3.
Special attacks:
  • Mark of One: Greatly reduces the targets HP
  • Meteors: Calls down the fury of burning meteors to devastate the battlefield in a raw display of power
  • Condemnation: Condemns players to the Pit by teleporting them to one of the 5 lava pits around in lair, temporarily stunning them and doing continuous damage
  • Fiendish Calling: Summons weak versions of Elementals or fire steeds in small groups (5% chance)

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Mark of One; Meteors; Condemnation; Fiendish Calling.
Found At: Unknown
Related To: None
First Seen: Stygian Abyss, Autumn 2009
Damage: Unknown
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: Unknown Karma: Unknown
Magic Level: Unknown Poison Level: Unknown
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: Unknown Ranged Attack: Unknown
Required Taming: - Speed: Unknown
Pack Instincts: Unknown Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: Unknown Barding Difficulty: -
Taming Notes:   Barding Notes:  
Sounds:   LBR/3D Sounds:  
Credits: Not Given

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